CITEX丨BRC-20 is hot, miners’ income continues to rise

The hype boom of Ordinals NFT and BRC-20 has made Bitcoin miners earn a lot of profits, and many netizens have ridiculed the miners’ mouths to laugh crookedly. In fact, the income of Bitcoin miners mainly comes from two aspects, namely the block reward and transaction fees for each block. At present, the bitcoin reward generated by each block is 6.25BTC, and the transaction fee is the handling fee required for packaging transactions, which varies according to network conditions and user settings.

Bitcoin transaction fees continue to climb due to the onslaught of BRC-20 and Ordinals NFT hype. According to the data analysis on the chain, since May 1, the average fee per transaction of Bitcoin has risen sharply, from the initial 2U to the current 20U. Therefore, the income of miners continues to increase. Before that, the average Bitcoin output reward per block was only about 0.19 BTC. Now, from May 1, the transaction fee for each block of Bitcoin miners The income exceeded 1$BTC and continued to rise. In a few hours on the morning of the 8th, the transaction fee income of some blocks was even as high as 6$BTC, and some even exceeded the block reward itself.

It is unknown whether the popularity of BRC-20 can continue, but at this moment Bitcoin miners are indeed earning a lot of money. According to incomplete statistics: from May 1st to 8th, in the past week, the total income of miners ( Block reward + transaction fee) reached 8100 BTC. As we all know, mining has always been a high-profit upstream industry in the currency circle. Therefore, at the moment when the Bitcoin halving is coming, investors and investors who want to seize the last wave of mining dividends can consciously The layout for mining.

Shareholders of CITEX have a long-term strategic vision on mining. It is understood that the shareholders of CITEX began to participate in Bitcoin mining as early as around 2014, and gradually expanded the scale of their mines on this basis, involving business cloud computing power sales, mining machine leasing, mining machine sales and hosting and other multiple mining services, and now has formed a complete one-stop service chain of procurement, custody, operation and maintenance, and repair. Not only that, CITEX GLobal has also launched the SuperData mining brand, which has globally deployed mines in Kazakhstan, North America, Angola and other places, built a mining business service system, and deeply participated in the mining layout. At present, the shareholders of CITEX have deployed more than 20 bitcoin mining farms around the world, providing the company with a stable source of cryptocurrency output and income.

Mining is a process that requires a lot of computing resources and energy input, and the reason why CITEX shareholders can make achievements in this field is not only due to its early layout and investment, but also to its technology and market In-depth research and insights. In addition, as a company focusing on cryptocurrency trading, CITEX can better grasp market opportunities and trends, and continue to provide investors with more stable investment methods.

The above information is compiled by the CITEX content group, which is for learning and exchange purposes only, and does not constitute investment advice. For more information, please pay attention to the follow-up content. As the world’s No. 1 mining exchange, CITEX always puts users’ interests first and is committed to providing safe, transparent, open and efficient digital asset services. In the future, CITEX will continue to be oriented by the market and user needs, with multiple depths and multiple innovations, to launch more high-quality products, and to provide users with more investment opportunities and satisfactory services.

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