On May 24th, MetaTrads held an AMA on discord

Hi, MetaTrads fans in Discord! I am Bill who represents MetaTrads in the Discord community, and we’re thrilled to have Rebecca, the Director of Marketing in MetaTrads, join us in our AMA!

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m glad to be here with all of you!

I’m sure a lot of people are excited about MetaTrads’ development and information, so let’s get started!

Ok, let’s begin!

1. Can you start with a brief introduction to MetaTrads?

MetaTrads is an NFT aggregation trading platform founded by a group of geeks in Silicon Valley, the first to launch a new trade mining model, and received Multicoin Capital, LATOKEN, Deserve, Flipsidecrypto, and other overseas Capital investments, It aims to build the world’s largest NFT ecological value circulation platform and empower decentralized community construction by standing at the forefront of WEB 3.0.

We all know that NFT is very popular, but there are some problems in NFT trading, such as poor liquidity of NFT in the secondary market, high entry threshold, weak empowerment, and other problems.

The MetaTrads team was born to change that.

2. What do you think of the current development of the NFT industry?

There are three main problems facing NFT transactions:

First, the liquidity of the NFT secondary market is poor. High trading quota behind only a few giant series of NFT turnover.

Second, the barriers to entry are too high. The head of the valuable NFT value in the tens, hundreds of etheric starting, completely belongs to the rich game. Small-money traders find it hard to get in.

Third, NFT empowerment is weak. While the metaverse was still the tip of the iceberg, the gameplay of NFT was pretty flat, just dropping dividends and so on.

So NFT’s trading situation is in dire need of someone to break through the shackles. And I believe MetaTrads is leading the way.

3. I see. Do you believe MetaTrads has a better solution to the current problems facing NFT?

Yes, of course, the MetaTrads team has done a lot of innovation to address these issues.

In terms of technical implementation, the MetaTrads platform adopts Turing complete transaction engine, Layer 2 extensibility, other architecture engines, and a multi-chain asset circulation module to meet users’ requirements for GameFi asset liquidity such as purchase, sale, and auction.

At the same time, the transaction of property rights of every MetaTrads asset is guaranteed, and the consensus of property rights is established, which lays a solid foundation for MetaTrads to become the NFT circulation platform with the largest transaction volume and the largest number of user carriers in the world.

The economic logic is that MetaTrads returns the most sustainable and attractive platform revenue (trading fees) to NFT traders and platform promoters in a variety of ways.

For NFT traders, more participation in NFT trading can not only earn NFT premiums, but also earn MT in the process of trading, and obtain additional benefits derived from MT, such as platform commission dividends generated by LP stake, etc.

MetaTrads adds fun and monetization for platform promoters by joining the gamification team system, giving more than half of the platform’s revenue back to loyal preachers, fueling the platform’s continued rapid growth, and empowering the NFT industry. The preachers will experience innovative NFT circulation benefits, as more and more people participate in NFT transactions, and they can reap significant cash (USDT) benefits as the platform scales.

In terms of gameplay mechanism, MetaTrads has launched innovative mechanisms such as identity campaign and NFT synthesis to improve fighting power, which will effectively improve the current problem of insufficient liquidity of NFT, truly activate the secondary market of NFT, create a new round of rich effect, and make the platform become a milestone in the development of NFT industry.

4. According to your description, will MetaTrads launch an official NFT? How is it different from other NFTs?

Yes. The difference in NFT on the MetaTrads platform is mainly reflected in the value maintenance of NFT by the platform. The specific points are as follows:

First, the platform’s innovative gameplay increases the value of the official NFT. MetaTreds allows users to synthesize multiple NFT cards into one NFT card when the synthesize function is enabled. By burning and resynthesizing, the overall market for NFT is getting smaller and smaller. So, prices are rising steadily and reasonably.

Second, through the price mechanism to support the NFT to enable. Based on the price spiral mechanism, traders’ profit will promote trading, and NFT will obtain higher financial value.

Third, the quality of the NFT project is guaranteed. The Metatreds platform has a strict accreditation system for NFT products, which is used as a basis for the quality of NFT products.

All of these actions will keep official and certified NFT on MetaTrads in a high quality, scarce and valuable position.

5. So what’s so special about MetaTrads’s trade mining?

First, unlike LooksRare and X2Y2, MetaTrads uses a dual MT token and USDT reward system. Under this dual token reward system, users can get stable USDT revenue while pursuing long-term MT rewards.

Second, MetaTrads introduced a new trade mining logic: an initial daily fee of just 2%, but for each NFT sold, the trading fee will be 1.25 times the previous sale. Since the fee mark-up makes the speculator’s brush costs much higher, it is very powerful to prevent speculator brushes from affecting normal user transactions.

Third, the platform will take 10% of the trading fee income as an incentive to continue holding activities to give back to users who actively participate in trade mining, so that traders will be surprised.

Fourth, MetaTrads trading mining is not only tied to trading volume but also community identity and team system. The loyalty of user transactions is segmented by community identity, and the 45% trading fee is fairly awarded to platform promoters based on team activity.

6. When it comes to MetaTrads’ platform MT, does it have any advantages over other NFT tokens?

Yes. MT is the platform equity currency of MetaTrads. The direct explanation of MT is the reflection of the value of the trading platform itself.

MT reflects the market’s expectations for the development of the NFT exchange. Users who are optimistic about the platform can hold MT to rise and gain higher profits. Even if users don’t like it, they can still earn USDT trading fees by sharing trade mining.

Of course, the value of MT is expected to rise as the platform will maintain the value of MT tokens in a variety of ways. When the currency price keeps rising steadily, the trading volume of the platform will increase, and users’ income will increase accordingly, forming a benign closed loop. Only in this way can the platform achieve better development. In this way, the value of equity coin MT, which represents the development of the platform, will rise, and loyal users who participated in the early stage will also get good benefits from it.

As for specific maintenance methods, there are the following: 30% platform commission repurchase MT, multiple application scenarios such as using MT to deduct platform commission fee, 1%MT transaction discount point, and all MT of MetaTrads NFT synthetic payment are burned, etc.

7. What is the current development status of MetaTrads? How do we get involved?

Since last year, MetaTrads has stepped up technology development on the platform, as well as global community building. After months of promotion, MetaTrads now has a certain user base overseas, and many overseas fans have been looking forward to the official launch of the MetaTrads platform.

The good news is that after months of development and community building, MetaTrads is ready to go public.

On May 26, INO was officially launched, with a total of 60,000 MetaTrads NFT debuts worldwide. Of these, 50,000 were publicly available and 10,000 were airdropped on Discord and other channels. These NFTS will be used as the first seed NFTs to be mined in the MetaTrads deal, and their scarcity provides good protection for future value appreciation.

When INO is completed, IDO activities will be held. MetaTrads NFT holders are eligible to participate in IDO. In other words, owning MetaTrads NFT qualifies as a whitelist for MT subscriptions. A total of 12 million MT are involved in IDO, that is, each NFT holding address can subscribe for a maximum of 200 at a preferential price of 0.05U. It is worth noting that MetaTrads will not officially pre-mine any MT. IDO’s 12 million MT is all in circulation at the start of the platform, and the remaining MT is all fairly produced by trade mining.

After the successful completion of IDO, MT will first go online and anchor the currency price with Pancake, and then the MetaTrads trading platform will be officially unveiled, and users will start trade mining. From then on, MetaTrads will continue to hold various events to provide benefits, so that interested friends can keep an eye on the community.

Official Website: MetaTrads. IO

Discord: https://discord.gg/H7dQegcSNt

Telegram: https://t.me/MetaTradsEn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaTradsreal

8. Do MetaTrads have any thoughts on the future development of NFT?

In the future, MetaTrads will look to NFT Fi, GameFi, metaverse, and other extended areas. Because the team has always believed that the multi-dimensional innovative NFT transaction is only the starting point and foundation of MetaTrads, the future value of the platform and equity tokens will spread out on this foundation and the space is infinite!

9. Currently, MetaTrads is referred to as the Binance of NFT track, and also as the next OpenSea. In fact, how do you position MetaTrads in your mind?

MetaTrads is at a very early stage of development and is not yet in the same league as the great whales of Binance and OpenSea. But, of course, we have big goals. We want to make MetaTrads as good a product as Binance. With a reasonable economic model and satisfactory platform token price to leverage the real value of the platform, promote the healthy development of the NFT secondary market. We believe that day will come soon.

10. Why isn’t MetaTrads the next OpenSea when every NFT platform is pitching itself as the next?

First, I’d like to stress that the OpenSea team is excellent and the product is the most user-friendly in the industry. However, MetaTrads will not go in the same direction as OpenSea. OpenSea was conceived as a friendly trading platform for NFT enthusiasts, but it was born to serve the WEB2.0 world. I think it makes sense, however, I believe it won’t work in the future WEB3.0 world.

The essence of WEB3.0 is that users use and discard products, and users go where products work and make money, without any barriers. Therefore, how the platform builds a sound economic model is just as important as the quality of the product, if not more so. Unlike OpenSea, MetaTrads focuses not only on product polishing but also on economic model design, because we want MetaTrads to go further and shine in WEB3.0.

Thank you, Rebecca, that’s all my questions. I wish the MetaTrads will fly high up to the moon, like all we expected!

Thank you to all fans in the MetaTrads!

Thank you everyone for participating in the AMA in Discord, we will meet again in the MetaTrads!

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